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Best Installation

Not only is each window made specifically to fit your home, every window is installed by certified professional window installers and contractors who are employed by Best Choice.

Instead of outsourcing the work to subcontractors, our installers have been hand-selected for specific construction expertise, and carefully trained in window installation, fine finish carpentry and home construction. They take the same personal pride in their contracting work as you do in your home.

Best Installers

  1. Proven expertise:  our employees are skilled contractors and fine finish carpenters who will ensure your window installation (along with any related trim, finish carpentry, and construction) is done properly.

  2. Better control: our employees have a responsibility to get the job done right—all backed by a FULL lifetime window warranty.

  3. Better outcome: our employees have been hired because of their years of expertise, not because they happened to be available for work that day. It’s their job to care about the details.


With over fifty years of combined history in the window industry, our staff will ensure your window replacement experience is the best in the business.

We Tailor our Window Installation to Your Home...

proper fit = maximum energy efficiency

When it comes to window installation, one approach does NOT fit all. Depending on the age/construction of your home, and the scope of your home improvement efforts, we offer two custom approaches to window installation:

Option 1: Nailing Fins (shown above)

Best for:  Homeowners who plan to install trim around the outside of their new replacement windows, and/or plan to replace their home’s siding in conjunction with window replacement; and newer construction homes.

How it’s done:  Your windows will be constructed with “Nailing Fins” that surround and overlap the window opening. We install these directly into the wall of your home, apply an insulating filler material around the entire perimeter for added weatherproofing. The nailing fins are then covered with siding and/or window trim.

Option 2:  No Nailing Fins (shown below)

Best for:  Homeowners who do not plan to install new siding or trim around their new replacement windows; and older construction homes.

How it’s done:  In three steps: 1) we remove the glass bead from perimeter of the window (this bead is holding the window in place); 2) we lift out the old glass pane with suction cups; and finally 3) we loosen, pry up, and remove the old metal window frame. This leaves a clean opening—no larger than the original window—into which your new window is snugly installed.

Best Installation

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