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Local Window Source

Did you know the Puget Sound is home to a window manufacturer with an unparalleled national reputation? Not only does this manufacturer offer EVERY type and style of window imaginable, their windows are the only ones backed by a comprehensive LIFETIME warranty.

10 MORE benefits of buying from a local window manufacturer:

  1. Local perspective:  the windows have been developed here in the Puget Sound, based on a first-hand understanding of the impacts of our weather and climate.

  2. Lower cost:  no need to factor in the cost of shipping.

  3. Faster response:  no lengthy long-haul shipment delays.

  4. Less risk:  less time spent in shipping means less chance of damage during shipping.

  5. Better carbon footprint: less time spent in shipping means less fuel and carbon emissions.

  6. Local control:  installers have been trained and certified on site by the manufacturer.

  7. Local jobs and wages:  buying windows from a local business helps keep jobs here in Washington state.

  8. Local economy: national data shows that locally owned businesses invest a much larger share of their revenue back into the local economy.

  9. Local decision-making: if there’s ever a question or problem, a local representative is available to inspect the problem and meet with you, face to face.

  10. Better overall competition: having a marketplace that consists of tens of thousands of smaller local businesses is the best way to ensure innovation and lower prices over the long term.


There are lots of great replacement window manufacturers around the nation.

One of the best is located right here in Washington state...

Which of these recognized window manufacturers is both local AND award-winning?

Many installation companies offer windows from a long list of manufacturers, claiming that "we install them all" is the only way to find the right window for your needs.

We too "installed them all" when we first began installing windows in the early 90s. However as time went by, we noticed 3 things:

  1. 1.Many of these window brands were made by the same manufacturer, and simply "rebranded" based on their quality level to look like a unique brand.

  1. 2.When our customers chose windows made by an out of state manufacturer, the frequency of project delays increased. If there was a mistake during manufacturing, or damage during shipping, our customers had to wait for the window to be returned to the manufacturer, remade, and reshipped (hopefully without damage the second time).

  1. 3.When problems did arise, without a local manufacturer's representative to inspect and resolve issues, the level of customer service we received from these other brands just wasn’t up to our high expectations.

That’s when we decided it was time to find a better solution.

Milgard... our "shop local" preference

We met with the people at Milgard, whose headquarters and main manufacturing plant is located in Tacoma, Washington. We knew they made their own windows, but we wanted to know how they stacked up against the other national window manufacturers we were familiar with. Here's what we found:

Milgard makes their own windows in every known window material on the market, including vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum, composite, wood, and wood clad windows. Read all about it on their website >

Milgard can make windows (and doors) in any range of style and design imaginable, with a vast selection of grid, glass and patented hardware options (they were the first to receive the Arthritis Foundation's East of Use Commendation). They even offer custom sizes without any upcharge!

Milgard offers a full lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship for as long as you own your home, including labor and materials. This truly is the last set of windows and doors you will ever have to buy.

Milgard has an unsurpassed reputation: they’ve won Builder magazine's Best Quality in the Nation award 8 out of 12 years including 2012 and 2013; they've been named Number One in the West the last 4 years; and they've won both Professional Remodeler magazine's and Professional Builder magazine's "Most Preferred Vinyl Window" Awards 3 times. Read more on their website >

Milgard is local: choosing windows from Tacoma rather than from an out-of-state manufacturer comes with all sorts of “shop local” benefits (listed at left)

When we install windows and doors from Milgard, we can confidently say "We install the best."

Still sold on another manufacturer?

That's perfectly okay. We can also install windows from Simonton, Comfort Design, Marvin, Lindal, Anderson, and other national brands. We simply feel far more confident about the quality of your windows and your ultimate satisfaction when we're installing windows made by a local company who's got all of the above qualities going for them.

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