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Window Materials

Best Choice offers windows constructed from the following quality materials:

•  Vinyl

•  Fiberglass/Composite

•  Thermal-Break Aluminum

•  Wood (multiple types)

•  Wood-clad vinyl

Window Styles

Our windows come in a wide range of styles (see photos and descriptions at right):

•  Casement Windows

•  Double-Hung Windows

•  Single-Hung Windows

•  Sliding Windows

•  Picture Windows

•  Bay and Bow Windows

•  Awning Windows

  1. Custom Windows

  2. Garden Windows

Window Grids

We can configure a wide variety of grid designs on most styles of windows in order to achieve your desired design effect:

Best Choice offers a wide variety of lifetime warranteed windows—

for existing home window replacement, as well as new home construction.


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Awning Windows

Awning windows rotate outward from a top hinge. They can be installed higher up on walls than many other types of windows, which enables homeowners to capture more natural light and ventilation without compromising privacy.

Awning windows can also be installed in next to other windows, arranged in columns, or placed above large patio doors to create a wall of light and fresh air.

Double Hung Windows

A double hung window has two operable window panes (“sashes”) that can be opened or tilted in a variety of ways. Counterbalance mechanisms hold the pane open or closed.

Double hung windows have a more traditional look, and are easy to access for cleaning—especially convenient for homes with more than one level.

Single-Hung Windows

Single-hung windows feature one vertically sliding pane (“sash”)—a more contemporary look that makes them the most common style for modern homes.

These windows are also ideal for people who have mobility problems with their arms, trouble lifting their hands up to their shoulders, or those who are in wheelchairs, because there is no lifting or cranking.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are hinged and open outward from the side by using a crank, thus they are sometimes referred to as a ‘crank’ window.

Casement windows are great to install in hard-to-reach places, such as above a sink, as the crank operation makes it easy to open the window with little effort.

Bay Windows

A bay window projects outward from the wall of your home in an angular shape. They are typically formed by installing two casement windows at a 30 or 45 degree angle on either side of a large picture window.

Bay windows are commonly used to provide the illusion of a larger room, to increase natural light and views, and to provide a level platform that can be used for displaying curious, plants, or creating a window seat.

Bow Windows

A bow window is a rounded bay window that projects outward from the wall of your home in the shape of an arc. They are typically formed by combining four or more casement windows.

Bow windows are designed to create a sense of space beyond a room, and to provide a broader view.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows use a tandem roller system to easily slide the window open from side to side (windows that slide up are called “Single Hung.”)

Like Single-Hung windows, this contemporary style is perfect for modern homes, and the ease by which they can be slid open make them ideal for people with mobility problems.

Fixed and Picture Windows

A picture window is a large, fixed, non-opening window, named for its purpose: to provide a clear "picture frame" view of the outdoors.

Adding a picture window in place of a smaller window can be a great way to enlarge a view, or capture a view you didn't know you had. Since it features a wide expanse of glass, a picture window is also excellent for capturing and dispersing natural light in your home.

Window Styles

Custom Shaped Windows

Oblong, polygon, round, triangle... you name it, we can build it. Depending on the shape and configuration, we can often make these windows open-able for improved circulation.

Garden Windows

Typically found in the kitchen, a garden window helps bring in more light and space above the sink area, perfect for growing your favorite orchid collection or a supply of fresh herbs year-round. They can be configured with or without openable partitions.

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